What are some Decent Alternatives to Smoking Cigars?


You may be thinking that this is the wrong time to answer this question. After all, the US did recently lift their import ban on Cuban cigars. However, you can only take home about $100 worth, and you’ll have to travel to Cuba to get the highest quality cigars out there.

So what to do if all your friends are cigar smokers and you can’t get your hands on a Cuban, or you just don’t like the heavy smoky taste most cigar smokers enjoy? There are a few alternatives you can try.


Smoking Herbal Cigarettes

Now, let me be clear, I don’t advocate smoking cigarettes, as they are highly addictive and extremely bad for your long term health. There is a type of cigarette however that you can smoke socially and that doesn’t have any nicotine or as many cancerous chemicals as traditional cigarettes. Enter herbal cigarettes.

Herbal cigarettes are usually used as movie props for actors who are non-smokers, that play roles of characters that smoke cigarettes often. Examples include the cast of Mad Men, Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders, and countless numbers of your favorite movie characters. The most notable brands in the market are Ecstacy Cigarettes and Honeyrose.

Be careful even with herbal cigarettes, as you are still burning plant material (non-tobacco) which is bad for your health. With this said, it is a good alternative to smoking cigars with your buddies. It will be a good laugh when you finally tell them that you haven’t started smoking cigarettes, and that in reality you’re a movie star.


Vaping E-Juice

A new development in the smoking market (or anti-smoking market, depending on which way you look at it) is the introduction of vaporizer products. Vaporizers are devices used to heat up and vaporize e-juice, which is a liquid concoction consisting of Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), nicotine and some food flavoring.

Vaporizers are much less harmful for your health than smoking cigars, but they can be more addictive which could result in long term health problems with continued use. They are also much less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

If you decide to choose vaping, they are some good benefits. For example, if you want to lessen the addictiveness of vaping, simply order e-juice without any nicotine. The largest manufacturers of e-juice typically offer a variety of quality flavors at nicotine levels of your choice. The most notable manufacturer in the US is Dynamic Creations, you can check them out here.

Vaping has its pros and cons, but if you’re sitting together with your cigar buddies and pull your vape out, I guarantee you that they will be intrigued.


Smoking E-Cigarettes

There has also been recent advancements in e-cigarette technology. Companies like JUUL have set the standard for innovation by emulating the feel of a cigarette, while being less harmful to the health.

E-cigarettes are a hybrid of vaping and smoking cigarettes. E-cigarette products usually contain nicotine, and the JUUL is no different. One “pod” or refill of the JUUL container contains as much nicotine as one pack of cigarettes. E-cigarettes are usually adapted by ex-smokers looking for an alternative to smoking. Other big brands in the marketplace includes BLU and VUSE.

Pulling out your JUUL while your friends chief away at their cigars may cause envy between friends. Who will envy who is still up for debate.



There are many alternatives to smoking cigars if they are not your cup of tea, three of the most popular I have highlighted here. Out of these three popular alternatives, I would recommend vaping. In terms of a social, fun smoking activity, which smoking a cigar is, vaping beats the rest of the alternatives due to the intense flavors you can buy, less health risk, greater smoke clouds, and the ability to choose a non-nicotine flavor. On top of that, Dynamic Creations is currently handing out free samples of their top selling juice.

Well there you have it. I am a cigar addict and prefer cigars, but there are some quality alternatives out there.

Which Types of Cigars are the Best?

types of cigars

Cigars have long been connected with the rich and famous as they relax, pondering what all the poor people are doing. They have made a culture of the fine art of cigar smoking, aggregating different situations to merely argue and ease their cigar smoking. Like wine tasting, it is viewed as relaxation for high society.

It is thought that the early types of cigars were in all likelihood first created in Spain, and then rapidly caught on in other European countries. Although many countries fabricate them, the Cuban cigars have long been looked upon as one of the most flavorsome and full-bodied. This is because the Cuban climate allegedly produces the highest caliber tobacco and the skill of the country’s cigar makers is also unparalleled.

Other countries that grow a considerable amount of tobacco for different types of cigars include Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, and of course, the United States. Valentia Cigars are a company who makes their cigars in the Dominican Republic.

Why are they so popular? Many theorize that the main “draw” is in the way it is made. The highest quality types of cigars are always wrapped by hand. Unlike cigarettes, cigars go through a long process of fermentation and aging just like wine and it results in all of the delicate flavors in the many types of cigars. Each and every one is highly individual and a good “stogie” will have no foul aftertaste.

The taste of a fine cigar is much more involved than cigarettes. The bulk of all types of cigars is created by wrapping three different layers of tobacco together. Those of the highest quality generally have long leaves as the filler, although they could also incorporate a combination of scraps. This, however, results in variations in texture and flavor. Cigarettes, on the other hand, are factory-made and usually only contains one type of tobacco.

Cigars are also available in a variety of flavors and the true aficionado can find chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and even apple-flavored cigars.

While many types of cigars have long been extolled for their silky and intricate flavors, they can also pose significant health issues. All tobacco products contain nicotine and we’ve all know the health dangers of nicotine, but what does it do precisely?

Nicotine is a stimulant that gives one a sense of well-being. Even a light smoker cannot escape the truth that nicotine is extremely addictive and holds various carcinogens, toxins, and irritants. Although most aficionados do not inhale their smoke, they are still at risk of developing various types of cancers. Remember, moderation is the key.